A couple of weeks ago I received this question from one of my sweet customers:

“Now that there are no more Color Coaches how can I find out what goes together?”

Stampin’ Up! used to have a tool called the Color Coach that gave us two 3-color combinations for each color. So many of us are at a loss without a Color Coach for the new In Colors. Including me! 

So what I did was create my own 2016-2018 In Color combinations mixing and matching eye-pleasing combinations. And I didn’t stop at two color combinations for each color because two color combinations really were never enough. There are 10 color combinations for each of the five 2016-2018 In Colors for a total of 50 custom color combinations!

2016-2018 In Colors

50 2016-2018 In Color CombinationsThen put them all together in an e-book that includes:
  • Color photos of the 10 sheets of the 2016-2018 In Color Combinations you can download and print!
  • All 10 Color Combination Sheets read to download, print and fill!
  • Directions on how to download and print
    the Color Combination Sheets!
  • Five samples of my handmade cards using the color combinations!
You’ll save a lot of time with this go-to color tool!


Order your original Stamping Smiles 2016-2018 In Color Combinations e-book now for only $14.95!


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